The unique thing about our way of traveling is that we build a trip according to your wishes and do not offer a standard program. You can organize your own group tour, but you can also come as a couple or with your family. The size of the group will of course influence the price per person. It is important to us that the participants of a group will know each other, and therefore we do not combine groups with individual travelers.
We would like to emphasize that we would like to send you a non-committal proposal, and that this does not oblige you to anything.
This is how we work:
1. After you will reach out to us, we will map out what your wishes are. Information like desired dates, sights, accommodation, budget, your background, etc. are important for us to know. We could schedule a phone call, or be in touch through e-mail. If you are living in the Netherlands or Belgium we could come visit you to speak about the trip. (Twice a year we come to the Netherlands and Belgium to visit our clients).
2. We will send you a proposal for the tour (price and overview itinerary).
3. We will send you a detailed itinerary and, based on your feedback, we will adjust it where desired.
4. Once the program and price are to your liking, we will arrange accommodation, transport and of course the guide for you. Sometimes it is good to book the flights as early as possible, if your travel dates are already fixed. We work together with Relireizen in Amsterdam, an expert in flights to Israel.
5. We will make all preparations for your trip. If you have any questions during the preparations, you can always contact us. You will receive the travel documents a few weeks before departure. *
6. You provide a valid passport (valid for at least 6 months when leaving Israel) and pack your suitcase for your tour to Israel!
* In the Netherlands billing will be through our partner Relireizen, located in Amsterdam, and affiliated with the SGR and the calamity fund. Relireizen could advise you for insurances. You could reach Relireizen via phone number +31 20 404 4413 or e-mail