* 2 days Judea and Samaria can be fitted into another itinerary.

** This itinerary is only possible from Sunday to Thursday. 

Day 1

We will spend this day in Samaria. We leave Jerusalem and visit the viewpoint of Bet El, from where we can see the southern part of Samaria and Jerusalem. Bet El is the place where Jacob dreamed about the angels going up and down the ladder. We drive through historic Jewish and Arab villages and the classical landscape of Samaria and arrive in Biblical and contemporary Shilo. The Tabernacle has stood here for 369 years. We visit the small museum about the Tabernacle, we see the excavations of Shilo, and see the beautiful sound and light show in the tower, from where one has a beautiful view of the excavations. In the afternoon we go up Mount Gerizim for a view of Biblical Shechem, which is today called Nablus. From here we can see Joseph's tomb and the church that marks the place where Jesus met the Samaritan woman. We will learn more about the religious importance of Mt. Gerizim. After a visit to the Samaritans and a drive through the modern city of Ariel, we return to Jerusalem.

Day 2

We will spend this day in the Judea area. We drive to the southernmost point of Jerusalem and have a view over Bethlehem and the Shepherds Fields. Via the Jerusalem neighborhood of Har Choma we will arrive to the Herodion and visit the impressive excavations. Herodion is one of the palaces of King Herod and the place where Herod is buried. Then we will drive to the Etzion block. Here we will experience the impressive sound and light show, explaining about the history of the place.

After a drive on the “Path of the Patriarch's” we will drive via the Judea Mountains to Kiryat Arba and Hebron. Here we will visit the historical Cave of Machpelah, the place where Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Sarah, Rivka, and Leah are buried, and according to Jewish tradition also Adam and Eve. Via Shefela and the tunnels we return to Jerusalem.