Traveling to Israel is a unique experience for everyone. The country's rich history, the fascinating blend of religion and culture, the beautiful nature and beaches, the snowy mountains in the north, the desert in the south, the coral reefs in the Red Sea, the interesting excavations, and the advanced technology. Whatever the purpose of your journey, this amazing country has something for everyone!
With more than 50 years of experience, we can assure you that almost everything is possible.
Tailor made tours in Israel are our specialty. We take your personal wishes, interests, physical capabilities, and your budget into account. Let these travel tips from our guide be as an inspiration to you to see the endless possibilities for traveling in Israel. In addition to that we have composed a variety of itineraries that will give you an idea of possibilities in Israel. To get an impression of how people experience their trip to Israel with us, please check out our page with unforgettable experiences of our travelers. To get an impression about costs of touring in Israel please check out our page with prices. Of course we take your budget fully into account. Flexibility is our specialty.
From our small office in Jerusalem we work with a small team to put together your trip. We live here and know the country like no other. Click here to read more about our team and working method. We would love to schedule a call with you to speak about your personal desires regarding your tour to Israel. We happily plan your dream tour to Israel in detail.
We would like to introduce ourselves to you on this page. Please reach out to reach out to us.
Shalom from Jerusalem,
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